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Sun, Aug. 3rd, 2008, 10:38 pm
themachinestops: Evolution Comics #1

This is my mini-comic, Evolution Comics #1. I finished it for the 2008 24 Hour Zine Thing, which does not appear to be running at this time, but I wrotes it anyways. The first in a series, it documents the return of Jesus to Earth. With his trusty dinosaur steed and the help of a young boy, the big J fights evil beings sent by his nemesis, the Dark One. 24 pages, quarter sized. Regardless to say, this might be offensive to those of the Christian persuasion, but eh.

If you want a copy, you can visit my online store and order one, though trades are good too! Please email all trade inquiries to blacklightdiner at gmail dot com.

Also if you know any distros that are open to comics zines please let me know! I want to get this little tract out to as many people as possible.

Sat, Aug. 2nd, 2008, 12:29 pm
themachinestops: (no subject)

Does anyone know when the 2008 participants list will be updated on the site? Neither me or my SO (we both finished!) have our names up there. Also I noticed that there is no 2007 gallery. Anyone know what's going on? Yeah it's not about the honors but honors are still pretty sweet. :)

Thu, Jul. 31st, 2008, 09:38 pm
themachinestops: (no subject)

I finished my 24 hour zine. Actually it's a 24 hour mini-comic. 24 pages (duh), quarter sized, landscape. It's called "Evolution Comics" and features Jesus and a dinosaur and some other crap. Just thought I'd check in! When does the final participant list get published?

Thu, Jul. 31st, 2008, 09:00 pm
beetiger: Better late than never?

Due to a variety of family-crisis scheduling, here it is with less than 24 hours left in July, and I haven't done my 'zine. I'm still planning to do it on August 6, which is the first time I can manage 24 hours without child care responsibilities. Hope it went well for all of the rest of you --tell your stories!

Wed, Jul. 30th, 2008, 10:41 am
silver_insanity: Couting down

There's only 1 more day (and a half in my time zone) to work on your 24 Hour Zine! Congrats to those of you who've compelted it this year, and there's still time for the rest of you!


Wed, Jul. 30th, 2008, 07:02 am
motorcity_kitty: (no subject)

there are only two days left to july, and within those two days i have to move. i don't remember if the deadline was july 31st or not this time around...i really want to participate in the project this year, but just haven't had time yet. if i plan to make a 24 hour zine in a week, will it still be accepted as part of the project? i hope so! either way, i'm gonna do it.

Tue, Jul. 29th, 2008, 11:31 am
little_oracle: yay! i did it!

worked my butt off and managed to do it all on sunday. should have remembered to post here when i finished.

i'm hoping to make copies in the next couple of days. does anyone know when the mail-in deadline is?

i'm so excited as i've a bunch of zines that have been 'in progress' for longer than i want to say, but this is the first one i'm going to put out there. it felt great and definitely has me inspired to finish the rest!

Tue, Jul. 29th, 2008, 11:22 am
taitumhaze: I have finished!

My first zine in four years!

I finished it but wont,  unfortunately, be unable to take it to make copies until next Thursday.  I hope that doesn't go against the rules here.  =/ 

But it's done and it's definitely an accomplishment!

Pictures to follow when I have the funds to make copies.

Tue, Jul. 15th, 2008, 03:27 pm
silver_insanity: It's here!!

The 24 Hour Zine Thing is here! Have you been working on YOUR zine??

For those of you wondering if we were bothering to organize this year... yes we are. We've just been caught up with life. *gasp* you say?! "Life interfering with the 24 hour zine thing? Your excuses are not acceptable."

That aside, I'm back from the hospital with a beautiful (and well behaved) little girl... and now I can throw myself into the reckless abandon that is the 24 hour zine thing. It should prove interesting as I'm quite sleep deprived as it is! I foresee a image heavy/mostly handwritten format... but we shall see!

The website has yet to be updated, but the registration is still working. Feel free to sign up and give us your info. We've just been lax in updating the page. (You can understand why, yes?!) The website can be found here: 24hourzines.com. It has the sign up page, FAQ, and contact info if you have any questions.

So get cracking. Dig out your sharpie and gluestick and lets see what sleep deprivation does to YOUR creative juices!


Sun, Jun. 1st, 2008, 10:06 am
silver_insanity: Coming up!

The 24 Hour Zine Thing is just round the corner and we're getting ourselves ready to organize for another great year! Our website is still active, and we'll be making updates there in the very near future.

This note is mainly to tell you to start thinking about if you want to participate this year, and what sorts of challenges you'd like to take on as a 24 hour zinester.

For those of you on facebook, there is also a community: The 24 hour zine thing! (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2428514206) that may interest you.

The website can be found here: 24hourzines.com. It has the sign up page, FAQ, and contact info if you have any questions.

Have a great day! Looking forward to getting 2008's 24 hour zine thing off the ground!

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